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Accent and Factors of Accent Creation

( لهجه او د لهجې د رامنځته کېدو عوامل)

Ehsanullah Pamir

Professor, Department of Pashto,

 Faculty of Languages and Literatures, Paktia University, Afghanisthan,

Corresponding Author:

DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc1309


Dialect is a form of speech or dialect, the dialect is called dialect in English which is made up of the Greek word (dialectos) and dialectos is the way of speaking. Traditions change not only the geographical environment but also the social and economic status of the speakers of a language in the society. Examples include rural dialects, peasant dialects, civil servants dialects, aristocratic dialects, and so on. Linguists say that dialects are formed when speakers move from their native lands to other areas due to various social, economic, political and military factors, and where other languages ​​are spoken. Occurring in the neighborhood and being influenced by other languages ​​and cultures, the development of some dialects can be so long that it creates another language.
Keywords: accent, culture, language, people

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