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Presenting a Seminar: Factors Influencing Student's Performance in Higher Education Institutes

Dr Sandhya Vaid 

HOD- Zoology, Chinmaya Degree College, Haridwar, Uttarakhand-India

Corresponding Author:

DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc1303


Modern day Universities/ Degree Colleges/ Higher Education Institutes have made SC as mandatory curriculum for those pursuing UG/ PG degrees. SCR necessitates presentation for course credit. Seminar is evaluated by jury of experts. Clinical formulations of CDC Zoology (PG) students were studied in context with factors influencing student's performance in SCR presentation. Parameters like behavior, presentation, communication skills and viva-voce were monitored. Clinical psychology of 193 CDC students were studied over a period of 10 years in batches. The excellent performance in presentation of 50% students of 2014 batch was due to guide's involvement. SCR of 2 students of 2018 is referred as benchmark documents in CDC. Overall 44% shew good communication skills and 25% students shew excellent communication skills during seminar presentation. Study found semi forward correlation between poor performance in presentation and viva-voce. Overall 19 students gave poor presentation and 11 students performed poorly in question-answer session. Guides were suggested to arrange mock SCR presentation to counter EP disorder. Test period witnessed 8 students suffering from exams phobic disorder. Few students complained about forgetfulness after the presentation. Performance of all the students of 2020 batch who presented online webinar was VG on Fruition scale.

Demography analysis was not done due to insignificant strength of male students. Male to Female ratio of CDC in Zoology (PG) is below 1:10. Present study found that performance of HEI student in presentation of SCR is directly proportional to guidance, presentation, communication skill, viva-voce, hard work and confidence, interest and grasping, and time management. Whereas the same has inversely proportional functional relationship with EP, forgetfulness, temporary hearing, attention loss disorders and family woes.

A new concept of HEI - Community Engagement is introduced with an objective to make the research understandable to the remotest individual entity of community. Instead of focusing on complex available techniques of analyzing students performance in presentation of seminar, a simplified basic clinical formulation for CDC students involving psychological factors is studied without the help of statistical tools.


Key Words: Course Credit, Seminar, Presentation, Behavior, Performance

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