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Naxalism collapse in Bihar

(बिहार में नक्सलवाद का पतन)


Pappu Thakur* ; Dr. Narad singh**

*Research Scholar, Faculty of Social Sciences,V.K.S. University, Ara-Bihar,

*Head of Department, History Department,V.K.S. University, Ara-Bihar




The Naxalite problem has become a major internal threat to our country. Especially after comments by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in 2007, it has become a matter of concern as well as a subject of academic debate. Innovative ideas and fresh plans have been drawn up to address this issue in a big way and intensively. In this backdrop, a case study from central Bihar becomes relevant to focus light on this issue. It is an established fact that Naxalism in Bihar had made its way through Central Bihar. When the counterinsurgency apparatus crushed the first bubbles of Naxalism in West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh, it found its breeding ground in central Bihar. Repeated massacres in central Bihar and Naxalite terror became a matter of concern for the country in the 1980s and 1990s. It argues that changing socio-economic conditions as well as other factors largely restricted Maoist popularity and strength in central Bihar.


KeyWords: Naxalism, Social Change, Aasdwar Project


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