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Role of teacher in inclusive education

(समावेशी शिक्षा में अध्यापक की भूमिका)



Dr. Anita Jaiswal

 Assistant Professor, Department of Education

Sahu Ram Swaroop Women's College Bareilly

DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc1104


Inclusive education is not only an approach but also a medium, especially for those who have the urge to learn and who want to move forward despite all the barriers. It shows that all youth whether able or disabled Make them learnable. For this, it is very important to ensure equal access to pre-school system, schools and community education system, this process is possible only in flexible education system to meet the needs of the trainees. Inclusive education is an education system in which values, knowledge systems and cultures are achieved through inclusive policies and practices at all levels of processes and structures and all civil rights.

Teaching profession has gained fame and respect since ancient times. This profession has its own dignity. In ancient times, Guru was placed on a high seat and he was called the spiritual father of the child, but in the present era, the teacher is not so much appreciated. As it was earlier, in the ideology of Vivekananda, a true teacher is the one who immediately comes to the level of the students and can transfer them to their soul and can hear through the ears of the students, see through the eyes and through their understanding. Can understand The teacher has an important role in the education of the child. He has to understand the needs and problems of the child and accordingly guide his learning and activities.

Although children belonging to the main stream of education have specific learning needs, they still possess the necessary skills to perform many tasks of general classroom teaching. Special students can also be associated with the mainstream of education on the basis of mastery in the subject area and efficiency of working in various subjects related to education. Now there is no need to change what is to be taught to such children. Even if the curriculum of general education is suitable for those children, it is necessary to change the instructional methods. Their format is done according to the methodology, efficiency, dexterity, efficiency and environment of the already determined students. Course selection, presentation, practice, development of efficiency and implementation of these five points are matched in instruction.

Keywords: Business, Inclusive, Needs, Satisfied

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