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Assessment of the Effect of yoga practice and Control of hypertension Among KSRP 10th Battalion Gangibhavi, Shiggoan

Lamani, Mahesh Pandappa *; sharma ,Dr K Krishna **

* Research Scholar: ** Chairman,  Dept of Human Consciousness and Yogic sciences,

Mangalore University, Mangalagangotrhi-574199,


DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc4105


The present study aimed to find out the impact of Yogic practices and Control of hypertension. The sample consists of 36, police staff in Experimental group, and 36 police staff in control group, randomly selected from police staff, Superintendent office, Shiggoan. The study was conducted for a period of 45 Days. The parameters used for the present study are Hypertension (BP), Sistolic BP, Diostolic BP, and Lipidprofils. These tests were done before and after the yoga therapy. For the present study, a student’t’test is used to assess the effect of Yoga on Hypertension. It is hypothesised that the practice of Yoga helps to enhance the Police staff’s capacity to reduce Hypertension problem.

Showed significant improvement among experimental group when compared to control group. In experimental group individuals with average BMI of 26.92 kg/m2± 2.91kg/m2 before yoga and individuals shows average BMI of 26.21 kg/m2 ± 2.86 kg/m2 after yoga. Individuals with average BMI of 25.40 kg/m2± 2.85 kg/m2 before and individuals shows average BMI of 25.75 kg/m2 ± 2.93 kg/m2 after period of control group. Lipid Profiles, as p <0.05 the result is significant in Experimental group & non significant in Control group

Keywords: Yoga Therapy, Systolic Blood Pressure, Diastolic Blood Pressure, Lipid Profiles. Paired ‘t’ test, ANOVA Test.

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