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Changes in the attitude of teachers during COVID-19

Mrs. Dipra Bharati*; Prof. Arvind Kumar Pandey**

* Research Scholar JRF; **Professor

Department of Education, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi. U.P. ,India

Corresponding Author:


DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc2105



COVID-19 pandemic poses different kind of issues at global level. Peoples in different fields adopted the culture of work from home. The education sector also adopted learning and teaching from home, virtual classroom and e-learning. The attitude of teachers prior to corona virus and post COVID-19 are extremely diverse. Earlier it was traditional face to face mode and later on shifted to online mode of teaching learning. This unexpected shift in the mode of delivering instruction result into attitudinal change in teachers and learners and increases stress on teachers due to unavailability of infrastructural support at home. Self developed questionnaire is used to collect data regarding changes in attitude of teachers. The study is conducted on 75 teachers but only 35 responded to the questionnaire. The attitude of teachers towards motivating students, providing sound atmosphere, teachers preparedness, teachers attitude towards management influence, financial crisis are observed through the study. The result shows that teachers had positive attitude towards all the parameters except unemployment, financial crisis and management pressure.

Keywords: attitude, teachers, COVID-19.

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