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A perceptive study on carbon sequestration potential of Acacia catechu in the Mukundara National Park Rajasthan


Dr. Nidhi Chaturvedi,

Assistant professor, Department of Botany,

Appex Universiy, Jaipur, Rajasthan-India.

 Corresponding author:


DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc1314




The carbon sequestration potential of an unmanaged and previously unstudied Acacia catechu in the Mukundara National Park Rajasthan, by estimating the total aboveground biomass contained in the forest. It turned into observed that the biomass, above ground comprising of stems, branches, and foliage, holds a total of 200 tons per hectare, foremost to a valued 100 tons of carbon being deposited per hectare aboveground. Acacia species consequently has the potential to play a significant function within the mitigation of climate change. The relation among the biomass, M, of each component (stems, branches, and foliage) and the diameter d, of the plant become also studied, by means of fitting allometric equations of the form M = αdβ. It was observed that all components fit this power law relation very well (R2 > 0.7), chiefly the stems (R2 > 0.8) and branches (R2 > 0.9) for which the relation is found to be almost linear.


Keywords: Carbon sequestration, Acacia catech, Forest ecosystem

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