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Diversity and Distribution of Lepidopteran Butterflies in Kota District, Rajasthan

Manish Kumar Gupta* ; Dr. Anupama Jain**
*Ph.D. scholar; **Asst. Professor, 

Department Of Zoology, Career Point University, Kota
corresponding Author:

              DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc1206


Understanding the standing point of biodiversity is an integral part of studying habitat ecology in the arena of the applied ecology and conservation biology. Considering this, a study was conducted to understand the biodiversity of the single species, i.e. Lepidoptera in four different sites of Kota district. Four distinct habitat fragmentation sites, Chambal Garden, Ganesh Udhyan, Industrial Area and agriculture land were selected to understand the diversity and distribution of lepidopteran butterfly. As this group of butterfly is considered as “umbrella taxa”, detailed study of its assemblages could be directly correlated with the changes in microclimates in the selected regions. Therefore, diversity of the Lepidoptera was calculated by Simpson’s index of diversity and Shannon-Weiner Index. Among these four areas, Chambal Garden and Ganesh Udhyan are dominated with the Lepidoptera whereas, decline in abundance could be observed remaining two areas. This study indicated a rich and diverse butterfly habitat in the selected survey area, which could be served a s a future referral for measuring and monitoring biological diversity.

Keywords: Lepidoptera, butterfly, biodiversity, conservation, species richness

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