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Effect of Kinetin on Growth and Development of Microtubers of Potato (Solanum Tuberosum L.)

Kumari Meenakshi

Associate Professor Department of Botany,

School of Basic & Applied Science,

 Carrier Point University, Kota Rajasthan INDIA

Corresponding Author:

DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc1408


The present study was conducted at Central Research Potato Institute, Campus, Modipuram, India to assess the effect of kinetin on the growth and development of microtubers formation in vitro in two potato varieties Kufri Bahar and Kufri Surya. The lower concentration of kinetin (0.75 mg/l) showed decreased parameters like the number of microtubers, fresh weight of microtubers, eyes per microtuber. Higher concentration of kinetin (1.5 mg/l and 2.25 mg/l) led to increasing parameters as compared to control but decreased shoot length in both the varieties but kinetin at (2.25 mg/l) concentration gave best results for in vitro microtuberization for quality and yield parameters.     


Keywords:   Plantlets, potato-varieties, kinetin,  Microtubers, Kufri-Bahar, Kufri-Surya, Growth-attributes,  

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