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Dr. Sandhya Vaid

Deputy Director, Chinmaya Degree College, Haridwar,

Corresponding Author:


DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc1201


Cow is cited as Aditi (Mother of all Gods) in Ancient Hindi texts. In Artharaveda,  Cow is said as adobe of 33Cr Hindu deities. Cow Urine (CU); the liquid metabolic excretion of Cow, is treated  as sacred and pious in India. CU has diversified uses. It is used in raw and refined forms. Research reveals that CU distillate (CUD) is even more effective in therapeutic applications. CUD; Gomutra Ark or Kamdhenu Ark, was used since ancient times in Indian, Chinese and Egyptian civilizations. CU is also used in Myanmaar, Nepal, Nigeria and Zimbabwe as curator [1,2]. Variants of CU are also sold in departmental stores in America, Britain, Canada, Germany and India. Several Cow Urine Concoctions (CUC) serve as curative agents against deadly ailments. Being easily available, having long shelf life and economically cheaper; Gomutra variants are now becoming alternative medicines against innumerable diseases [3-6].

Biochemical composition of CU makes it perfect supplement against  various disorders. CU of milking Cow contains 95% Water, 2.5% Urea and 2.5% Enzymes, Hormones, Minerals and Salts. pH of fresh CU ranges from 7.27 to 8.74. CU from a healthy Cow is pale yellow colored. Traces of Gold are found in CU of Gir Cows. Gold ions are generated when blood vessels of Cow hump comes in contact with sunrays. On an average about 18 Lit/Day of CU can be collected from an Indian Cow. Branded CUD can be easily obtained @ of Rs 250/500 ml in India.

Advances on Gomutra are so prominent that America granted US Patent No: 6410059 and No: 6896907 for the medicinal ability of CU,  especially as Anticancer, Antifungal, Antibiotic and Bioenhancer agent [16]. Present text is an overview of applications of Gomutra, particularly therapeutic applications.


Keywords: Cow Urine, Cow Urine Concoction, Cow Urine Distillate, Gomutra

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