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Green–Finance in India: Challenges and opportunities

Dr Pragya Rawat

Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce,

Sahu Ram Swarop Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Bareilly U.P.

Corresponding Author:


DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc1207



In recent era our country is more focusing on economic development without considering the environmental changes and sustainable development. Recently entire world suffering from environmental pollution and pandemic, climatic changes. It is the late time to focusing on coping with climate changes, reduce the environmental pollution and creating pleasant co-existence between people and nature to have a sustainable development of the global economy and society. The term green finance consist of the words “Green” and “Finance” both of which are controversial issues. Green finance is the innovative financial pattern adopted by the country to integrate environmental protection with economic development and profit. In this study the researcher’s focusing on the recent trends, opportunities, challenges, various investments avenues of Green Finance in India and to analyze in the path of green Finance and to know the target achieved till date from the initiative taken by the Indian Government of India. The National Government can support the cities by increasing the funding which suites the energy saving and also locally administrated. The Government can be finally sound and innovative programmes and also environmentally good in the Practice of Purchasing the green procurement. But also the climate sources of energy plays a vital role. From the analysis it is clear that India has to focus more on the green finance and have to contribute more to infrastructure funding to attain the sustainable development goal.


Keywords: Renewable Roesources, Green Investment, Green-Bounds, Green-Indices.

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