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The end of the Western rule in the world and the Asian century
  Aziz Ahmad Fazli

4th grade student of Department of Administration and Diplomacy, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Paktia University, writer, analyst of political and international affairs. Paul Alam, Logar, Afghanistan.

Corresponding author:

DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc2406
The 20th century was called the era of the American government, and finally, after the Cold War, Russia was isolated, and the United States remained as a new power and presented its new doctrines to the world. However, the current decade of the 21st century will be considered the title of competition for world leadership and the emergence of a new international order, When Russia will attack Georgia and thus question the world's unipolarity for the first time.  Under the support of two agreements, the West filed a complaint against Syria in the United Nations, one of which was about economic sanctions against Syria and the other was related to the attack on Syria.  But the events in Ukraine and Taiwan will hit the fact that the world is no longer unipolar and America is not the only superpower in the world. In addition, Russia, China, India, South Africa and Brazil have become an economic bloc known as BRICS. After the Second World War, the world enjoyed relative peace, but the ongoing developments in Russia in the military sector and China in the economic sector, as well as the ongoing crisis between Ukraine and Russia, China and Taiwan, at the regional and international level. The formation of strong economic and military alliances such as BRICS and Shanghai has threatened the existing international system and relative peace, and eventually power will be transferred to Asia, so Asian states and nations should prepare themselves for this. . It absorbs power.


Keywords: Polarity and Shanghai, BRICS, Russia, China, Taiwan, Ukraine and the Asian century

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