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 Importance of Tantra in scholarly outlook

(विद्वानों के दृष्टिकोण में तंत्र का महत्व)



Dr. Garima

 Assistant Professor, Department of Yoga,

 Sahu Ram Swaroop Women's College Bareilly

DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc1105



Many gems are hidden in the womb of our Indian culture and traditions, among those gems there is such a gem which is capable of solving many problems prevalent in our society. But due to the prevalence of some misconceptions, it went on taking distorted forms. This gem is Tantra, it is really a very deep and ancient science. Our scholars have been of the opinion that through this Tantra Sadhana, we get many types of power through which we can keep the society safe from many diseases etc. If we take a positive approach, then it is not a witchcraft or harmful action, but it is a very high level practice which organizes a person's life and always acts as a helper in many odd situations ranging from their daily problems. Also, if the seeker makes good use of these activities, then through these powers he can serve every person, class, group etc. in the society, remove their sorrows, make them free from diseases, in fact it is This is such a simple and easy way, by following it a person can make his personality organized and high-level and effective, as well as he can help everyone, scholars have been of the opinion that through this education, the power of nature can be controlled. Can also be controlled and pleasurable conditions can also be created and their arbitrary use can also be consumed. But for this we have to be very careful, we have to use these verbs carefully and in the right way.

Therefore, only this much can be said in this matter that no matter what the region is, it is not untouched by Tantra because the importance of Tantra is spread from public welfare to success and prosperity, from the soul to the Supreme Soul, for which purpose the seeker does his spiritual practice. He gets the same result.
Key Words: Tantra, desired result


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