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Language and comprehension

 ( ژبه یا پوهونه او راپوهونه)




Ehsanullah Pamir

Assistant Professor, Paktia University,

Gardiz, Paktia, Afghanistan

DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc1103


It has been said about the identification and definition of language, language is a system of sound symbols, through which human beings, as members of a group and culture, accomplish mutual knowledge and understanding. It has also been said about language: Language is actually a social, acquired and cultural phenomenon, not organic, natural or natural. Here social means that language is learned in society. Everyone who lives in any community learns the language of that community and speaks the language of the people of that community. Acquisitive means acquired in society. It can also be said that when we learn a profession in society, we can also learn a language. Naturally, we are not taught a language. Here we must pay attention to a nuance. Or He has given the ability and power to speak naturally, that is, every human being who is not mute or disabled will definitely speak. It is natural to speak. Not being able to speak, learning a language is another matter. It is learning from the society. There are two things that must be said here, one is that the language is a prostitute and it is learned in society, and the other is that speaking and the ability to speak is natural. Allah Almighty has given this power only to man. Or the language is done in three ways, one of which is vocally, in which people talk to each other and inform the scholars and the second is in written form, which is written to someone and in this way, the scholars are informed. The third type is gestures, which are used by people to understand each other through gestures and movements.

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