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Obstacles in the Way of Islamic Literature

(العقبات في طريق الأدب الإسلامي)

Noorullah Saeed

 Assistant Professor Department of Arabic language,

 Paktia University, Poli-Alam, Logar, Afghanistan

Corresponding Author:

DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc1405



Now, as you know, we as Muslims live in a state of material and intellectual invasion, and the cultural and intellectual invasion intensified when the term Islamic literature was popularized in the twentieth century, defending Islam and its theory, Muslims and their society, and tracking down anyone who is against the Islamic conception. And those who reject it, and the rejecters try to control it, their arrows are directed towards this Islamic artistic experience at all times, even by Muslim writers who were influenced by Western civilization, but it is successful against them, God willing.

And why do they not attack us after we took the lead in an intellectual battle, as is his right, because the intellectual side of literature is stronger than its artistic side, as Dr. Walid Qassab said in his book (Western Literary Doctrines).


For this reason, before Islamic literature, there are comments, challenges, and some suspicions about Islamic literature. I will briefly mention them.

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