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Main topics of Ghazal Poetry by Kunwar Mahendra Singh vedi ‘sahar’

(کنورمہندرسنگھ بیدی سحرؔ کی غزلیہ شاعری کے اہم موضوعات)

Dr. Sobha Saxena

Anubis P.G. College, Meerganj , Barrelli, U.P., India

Corresponding Author: sobhasaxena


 DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc2103


The commitment of Kunwar Mahendra Singh Bedi "Sahar" has been the revolution of India. The struggle for freedom of the Tehrike was getting unbroken every day. There were different tehreeks and tanzime enthusiasts. Therefore, the wave of independence and the spirit of freedom of the Indian people had risen. Iqbal and his Muhasrin were able to create enthusiasm and enthusiasm by taking out the people from the facts. Mahendra Singh Bedi had opened his eyes in such a beautiful time. Under the age and atmosphere, the words of openness and pain were in it, but when the Sherry personality ascended, he made a difference between Nizame Mashirt and Hindustani politics. In the capacity of a demonic and a high-profile murdabbar, you have accepted your Kalam, you have made love and love, national faith, human friendship with the political and social situation in your poetry, Bedi herself used to express herself in the mind of her Sherry presence.

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