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Socio-cultural Challenges Faced by Women in Patricentric society

Gayatri Saini*, Dr. Tanu Rajpal**

   *Research Scholar, Department of English, Career Point University, Kota, Rajasthan, India;

                 **Associate Professor, Department of English,  Aklank College, Kota, Rajasthan, India

                       Corresponding Author:

DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc2111


       Despite the fact that our constitution guarantees equality before the laws, we still have strong gender bias and gender inequality. The social system is based on hierarchy, where the male dominates and curtails women’s freedom. Women are made to feel inferior from the moment they are born. Right from their childhood, they have occupied a secondary place in the family. They have been told to be obedient, unquestioning, meek, and submissive. They are made to accept everything, even defeat, gracefully. After marriage, they are expected to adjust to the changing family ways and surroundings. They have to live miserable and pathetic lives and remain unsuccessful to fulfill their personal desires. Thus, women strive hard for equal status and freedom throughout their whole life. The present paper is an attempt to study the types of gender oppression and the socio-cultural challenges faced by women, whether married or unmarried, in a patricentric society. The female psyche is constantly tormented by the social mind. The paper is a critical analysis of many ugly practices prevalent in Indian society with regard to gender oppression. The paper will also throw light on the means to overcome this malicious circle of existence. 

KEYWORDS: secondary place, gender oppression, socio-cultural challenges, patricentric society.

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