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The Value of Commentary in the Mass Media


Ismail Atif

Professor, Faculty of Journalism and Public Relations

Sheikh Zayed University, Khost, Afghanistan

      Corresponding Author:



DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc1304


     As commentary is an important part of analytical journalism and analytical issues are the leading media in the scientific, political, economic, religious and social spheres of life. Commentary is an important and fundamental part of analytical journalism that journalism professionals disseminate through the media to raise awareness in the community. Journalist commentaries in the developed world are often written by professional, experienced and astute journalists to provide in-depth, accurate information about various events, innovations and inventions and to keep abreast of events. In this scholarly article I have written interesting scientific information on commentary, on the structure of commentary, on the types of commentary, the value of commentary in the media and the important parts of commentary.

Keywords: Commentary, comment sections, comment types and the value of commentary in the media.

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