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Implementation of National Education policy 2020 in the present scenario of Educational institution

Mrs. Dipra Bharati*; Prof. Arvind Kumar Pandey**

 *Research Scholar; **Professor, Department of Education,    Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, Varanasi.



DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc4106


Education is the precious jwell of our lives assisting us in all live process by equipping us all round development. Constitution of India put education in concurrent list which is jointly formulated, reformed and implemented by the union and state government. Unfortunately after 75 years of independence education is inaccessible to almost 23% of population and after all efforts government is spend only 4.3% of GDP in education. Education for all is yet to achieve even if being the fundamental right. NEP 2020 is a comprehensive policy visioning all the minute details of present day need. The current status of education and educational institution challenging needed boost up definetly there is tremendous increase in the quantity of educational Institution but the quality is yet to improve to its best level. After 34 year of NEP 1986, the New education Policy touches all untouched area of education where as inclusion is a major aspect of consideration. The implementation of NEP 2020 is done in a phased manner via number of initiatives and programme if implemented properly can change the picture of our nation. This paper focuses on few implementation strategies in the light of current scenario of HEIs.

Key word: NEP 2020, Implementation, education, Inclusion.  

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