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How happiness effects teachers: study of happiness with different variables

Reema Sharma*; Dr.Nishi Bhambri**

*Research Scholar; **Principal

Iase Bilaspur, C.G., India

Corresponding Author:


DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc2204



Happiness  is the main aim of life. Happiness is such an important issue and it becomes more important when it comes to the happiness of teachers. When it comes to Chhattisgarh it becomes more important because no studies have been done in this area. We are discussing so much about poor quality of education about dropout rate of students, about learning outcomes and teacher’s role etc. But we hardly discuss the quality of teacher who is supposed to be responsible for this. We have never tried to find out how happy, satisfied or mentally fit they are. We have not tried to find out how happiness affects our teacher’s interpersonal skills and how it affects their work accountability. No research as such has been done in this area in Chhattisgarh state. The happiness survey which was factors of happiness, interpersonal skills and work accountability done by MP government was also a general survey and not focused on teachers. Happiness makes man feel his worth .A happy man may be self centered or outspoken. A happy person when deals with self he deals with internal happiness and is not bothered about his interpersonal relationships, but an outspoken happy person spreads his happiness and has a strong interpersonal relationships and is also accountable towards his work. It is also seen that a person who is accountable may be accountable due to his duty and may not necessarily be happy. This paper tries to find out the relationship of happiness of teachers with various components.

Key Words:  happiness of teachers

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