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Role of Yoga in Viksit Bharat Vision 2047

Dr. Garima

Associate Professor, Department of yoga

Maharishi University of Management & Technology, Mangala, Bilaspur, C.G., India,


DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc4107



Viksit Bharat, also known as Developed India, is an ambitious plan aimed at transforming India into a global leader in technology, education, healthcare, and other sectors. The plan emphasizes economic development, social welfare, and environmental sustainability, focusing on fostering entrepreneurship, creating a favorable business environment, and promoting innovation and technology. It also aims to provide equal access to quality education, healthcare, and basic amenities for all citizens.

The plan also promotes sustainable practices and addresses environmental challenges, such as climate change and pollution. It adopts renewable energy sources, conservation efforts, and eco-friendly policies to create a greener future for India. The plan's success stories demonstrate progress in reducing poverty levels.

Yoga is a key component of Viksit Bharat, as it promotes physical and mental well-being, a deeper connection with nature, and inner harmony. The initiative aims to integrate yoga into various aspects of Indian society, including education, healthcare, urban planning, and infrastructure development. Yoga has been proven to improve strength, flexibility, cardiovascular health, and contribute to a holistic approach to wellness.

In conclusion, Viksit Bharat aims to transform India into a developed nation, focusing on economic growth, social welfare, and environmental sustainability.

 Keywords: Viksit Bharat, Yoga, harmony, health, wellness,stress, physical fitness, flexibility, strength, exercises etc.

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