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Relation Between Indian Diaspora and Bollywood Cinema in The Context of Globalization

Afsheen Khan*;  Dr. Mona Dandwate**

*Research Scholar; **Professor, Department of English,

 Career Point University, Kota, Rajasthan, India;

Corresponding Author:


DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc2207


Diaspora are those human groups who have history and experiences of migration and the attendant anxiety of displacement, homelessness and a wish to return to homeland.The term diaspora is derived from the Greek composite verb dia(through) and Speirein( infinitive) literally meaning ‘to scatter’ or ‘ to spread’ or ‘ to disperse’. Before exploring the inter relationship between Cinema and Indian diaspora, it should be known that how effectively it works on the life of diasporic people. Actually Cinema or Bollywood is unique confluence of literature and art. Bollywood as a globally successful phenomenon can be attributed to the alignment of the film industry towards the Indian diaspora and a wider audience outside India. As we know literature always is the cumulative image of the temper of people. Those who bestow with creative imagination talent will be able to depict the social realities in literature .On the other hand cinema is a very effective medium of communication and due to advanced technologies it's accessibility to the audience all over the world from the place of production itself has increased tremendously. Films on diaspora contain facts about everyday life of people in diaspora and hence give knowledge about them.

Key Words:   Hindi cinema, Bollywood and Indian Diaspora, Attachment of migrants, Filmmakers and Diaspora communities.

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