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How to improve attendance of degree college students in post pandemic era

Dr. Alok Agarwal*; Dr. Sandhya Vaid**,

*Principal, **HOD-Zoology (PG)

Chinmaya Degree College, Haridwar (UK);


DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc2302

Abstract :

Various academic programs are run in degree colleges. Students select a program for award of certificate/diploma/degree. Degree colleges are affiliated either to state or central university. Certain minimum marks or grade is necessarily required to obtain for the award of degree which depends upon the performance of degree college students in internal/external examination. To appear in examination a bare minimum attendance is required by the student. Students having attendance below threshold mark are not permitted to appear in evaluation tests. Threshold attendance (Tatt) may vary from college to college or affiliated universities. Generally Tatt vary from 60-85 %. Some degree colleges allow grace in Tatt to students on medical grounds. [1-3]

Covid pandemic emerged with new style of teaching i.e online classes. Students are not required to appear in degree college or attend  classes. Instead students login their computers/laptops/mobiles for learning.  Previous system is now called offline and new system is called online. Whichever was the system the students use to attend regular classes to gain subjective or practical knowledge through teacher-student interaction. However data collected from 277 students of 2019 undergraduate (UG) batch of Chinmaya Degree College Haridwar (CDC) revealed that attendance of students both in offline and online classes declined after post Covid time. Paper discuss the reasons for declining attendance and ways to improve attendance of students in a degree college. [4-6]

Keywords: Attendance,  Pandemic, Offline, Online, Threshold attendance

Abbreviations : Tatt, CDC, HOD, UG, TB, CDF, GIA

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