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Vedas do not purify the characterless person

(।। आचारहीनं न पुनन्ति वेदा ।।)

Dr. Yogendra Kumar,

Assistant Professor, Department of Jyotish,

Maharishi, University of Management & Technology, Bilaspur, C.G., india

Corresponding Author:



DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc2304

In the present research it has been told that how should a human being follow his culture, his civilization and his morals. In this, for human beings, what tasks should be done by a person after waking up in the morning, and which works have been told in the scriptures from morning till night. Special attention has been given to this matter. In this, special light has been laid on the subjects of defecation, dental cleaning, bathing process, Panch Mahayagya, Vaishvadev Yagya, hospitality etc. Failure to do so, how the creature can fall, has also been told.

Keywords: Punanti, Achar, Veda, Valivaishvadev, Panchamahayagya, Vaishvanar, Surabhi, Cow, Gaugras, Hiranyagarbha, Siddha, Yaksha, Phantom, Vampire, Pipilika,

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