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Meaning and nature of sense perception

(भावबोध का अर्थ और स्वरूप)

Dr. Deepika Vijay

Assistant Professor, Kautilya Mahila TT College, Kota (Raj), India

Corresponding Author:

DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc2306
Human knowledge begins with the senses, that is, in the beginning man knows things through the senses. He either sees or touches the object or smells or tries to know by taste. These experiences are called sense experiences. Sense perception is only a kind of knowledge, but it is the first level of knowledge. At this stage there is not much difference between man and animal. It is through sense experience that man gradually moves towards emotion. The relation of Bhava with the sense experiences gradually deepens in the consciousness of man and from here the creation of Bhava takes place. Bhava is that level of human consciousness, which is a characteristic of man. This sense of perception contributes to the creation of a literary work.

Keywords: poet, literature, sentiment poet, literature, sense perception

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