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Effects of Meditation on Human Body and Brain

(ध्यान का मानव शरीर एवं मस्तिष्क पर प्रभाव)

Dr. Garima

Associate Professor, Department of Yoga,

Maharishi University of Management & Technology, Bilaspur, C.G., India

Corresponding Author:


DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc2308

The present problem of humans in the modern era is to adapt themselves to the changes. The pace of change in this technology society is increasing with such great intensity that the mind is neither able to imitate nor accept it easily. Due to not being able to accept all these changes, a person becomes unbalanced and does not see any way, due to which he becomes a pessimist as well as begins to consider his life as a burden. This unbalanced situation keeps his life entangled like a spider's web. It is not that the problems are dire, the need is only to get control over this imbalance. Which has been established in his life and through meditation this imbalance can be easily controlled. In this research, we have tried to explain how meditation leads to self-control and mental stability. And man can enjoy the divine life. With this practice, one also starts experiencing complete harmony, happiness, and everlasting peace. It ends all sorrows and sufferings. Or rather, it destroys the cause of suffering. and becomes the best means of imparting a feeling of oneness and bliss, as well as acts as a divine ladder for a yoga seeker that takes him to the state of highest consciousness because spiritual progress is not possible without meditation. Meditation affects our mind, how the continuity of meditation can help us reach higher heights of spirituality as well as how upward consciousness can be made. How waves affect our mind and how these waves are controlled through meditation, how we can make our personality behavior easy through our whole life meditation and physical mental spiritual health easily Whatever goals we have, whatever goals we have made, we can achieve them through this easiest way.
Keywords: attention, consciousness, mind, brain, waves, health.

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