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Study on Academic Achievement of Students with reference to their level of participation in Co-curricular Activities

Kiran Bataw*; Dr. Vijay Gupta**,

*Research Scholar**;  ** Professor,  Kalinga University, Raipur, C.G., India

                                             Corresponding Author: 

DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc2312

Abstract –

The goal of co-curricular activities is to give better fitness to students as well as inculcate a sense of sportsmanship, competitive spirit, leadership, meticulousness, cooperation and team spirit. Therefore, many institutions are appreciating the importance of co-curricular activities and integrating a number of co-curricular activities in their syllabus and making it mandatory for the students to choose their interest in co-curricular activities from a list of options. This study about the level of the participation in co-curricular activities of the students at upper primary level and their moral value and academic achievement. This study conducted on on 200 students who are studying in class 6- 8 of Bilaspur, CG by using standardized tools. It reveals that the factor Co-curricular Activities Sports & Games Score 87.4%, Co-curricular Activities of Culture Activities score 94% Co-curricular Activities of Art& Craft 86.8%, Co-curricular Activities of Student Association 85.6% and Co-curricular Activities of Education Tour 88.2% Total CO-curricular Activities scores 88.4%.

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