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Medical Ethics: Insights from Ancient Indian Tradition

Manas Kakkar,

MBBS Student,

School of Medical Science & Research

Sharda University, Gr Noida


DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc3103

Since the development of the Ayurvedic holistic science more than 5000 years ago, India has had a strong standard for medical ethics. Ancient guidelines for medical practise serve as the foundation for modern ideas about healthcare policy, advice on how to interact with patients, and expectations for professional conduct. These "codes of conduct" placed a strong emphasis on the sanctity of life and went beyond satisfying physical requirements. They were greatly influenced by religious and spiritual rituals. But as time went on, changes in educational priorities and political influences influenced how medical care was provided. While malpractice concerns have continuously increased, references to these once-cherished "rules of conduct" have decreased. A candid conversation about the reasons for the rise in medical misconduct in a nation that used to condemn it and how improving ethics, limiting the role of profits, and returning traditional philosophies to the medical ethics curricula could help.

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