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Pakistan train terrorists in the Afghanistan region for the common goals

Shafiqullah Mashaal

DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc3109

When Pakistan was liberated from British India in the year 1947, under the name of a freed state only, for the illegal and nefarious purposes of some countries and for instability and insecurity in the region, military fundamentalists, extremist groups and

 Thus, the pakistan is under the supervision of the ISI, and all the power and authority of the said country is in the hands of these terrorist groups and organizations. and it plays a major role in determining the foreign policy. now it has been proven to the whole world and  in front of the neighboring countries,  that the change of government in Pakistan or the coming to power of one or the other party has no meaning. The request of the intelligence organization and the military fundamentalists of this country is fulfilled and they want to promote terrorists and terrorist groups in the region and in Afghanistan and to make Afghans so hard in the matters of terrorism that they become their own and Unlawful goals and desires are reached.

But it is known to the whole world that Pakistan trains terrorists in its own territory and then sends them to Afghanistan, India and other countries of the region.

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