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A Study of Environmental Education, Attitude and Awareness of Students at the school level in Bareilly

Anjali*; Anamika Agarwal**; Gaurav Bhushan***

Department of Environmental Science, Bareilly College Bareilly, U.P.


DOI: 10.52984/ijomrc3201


 The present study focuses on the effort to find environmental awareness among 9th to higher secondary students selected from U.P. Board and CBSE board students' awareness of environmental education in Bareilly city. It mainly consists of environmental education knowledge. A self-design of 50 questions, a questionnaire to measure environmental education awareness was administered to a stratified sample of 30 schools students. Analysis of variance results revealed significant variations in the environment education awareness level of school students in relation to their   level. Total students were selected from two different boards and cluster random sampling techniques having 465 male and 525 female students. The study showed that students possessed positive attitudes towards both environmental issues and environmental education. But Science stream students had more environmental awareness in comparison to arts stream students. The CBSE students had more environmental awareness in comparison to UP Board students.

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